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Valley Health Care provides professional vision screening services for your entire family. We care about your eyes, and strive to ensure that our adult and pediatric patients in and around Mill Creek, WV, have access to appropriate optical care by screening our patients to determine if further vision testing is indicated. Visit your eye doctor at Valley Health Care Eye Care in Mill Creek, WV, for a consultation today.

What is Vision Screening?

Vision screening services at Valley Health Care in Mill Creek, WV and surrounding areas.

Vision screening involves a simple set of tests that are the first line of defense in identifying patients who may have specific eye problems. The Snellen chart (the chart with the big “E” at the top) is used to determine ability to see clearly at distances. Depending on age, medical conditions, and other factors, vision screening may also include testing the eyes’ muscle coordination and reaction to light, and may also involve asking you to view images that may help reveal colorblindness and other vision problems.

If a problem is indicated, you may be referred for a full vision testing and examination.

Efficient Identification of Poor Eyesight and Structural Issues

If vision impairment, poor eyesight, or a structural issue involving the eye or surrounding anatomy is suspected, the vision screening process may be expanded in the office to include additional methods used to efficiently identify more specific issues prior to referral. A patient may also be evaluated to determine the shape and structure of the eyes to detect abnormalities. An ophthalmoscope may be used to view the health of the “red reflex” of the interior lining of the eye. Photoscreening may also be performed to help identify risk factors that may indicate the need for corrective lenses.

When Should Vision Screening be Performed?

Vision screenings are typically performed throughout major stages of life for individuals who are not already under the care of an ophthalmologist or other eye care professional. Many vision changes occur in childhood and middle age. Typically, a vision screening will be offered every one to three years throughout life to determine if follow-up care with a specialist is indicated. If an abnormality in the eye structure, function, alignment, or visual acuity is suspected, we may make an immediate referral. It is important to detect and take corrective measures as soon as possible if an issue is present. Some of the issues most commonly indicated by vision screenings include: cataracts, strabismus, ptosis, refractive errors, and neurological diseases. While a vision screening may indicate the probability that an eye issue is present, diagnosis must be made by a licensed eye doctor. We have a wide selection of frames available, and offer single vision, bifocal, and contact lenses for children and adults.

Valley Health Care Eye Care accepts insurance, cash, checks, Medicare, Medicaid, and major credit cards. We are dedicated to improving the eye health of Randolph County, WV residents by offering efficient vision screenings to detect abnormalities promptly. Contact us to schedule an appointment: (304) 335-2050. Walk-ins are welcome.

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