Appointment Transport to and From VHC
in Mill Creek and Elkins, WV

Valley Health Care assists our patients who live in and around Elkins and Mill Creek, WV, by offering transportation coordination services to help make it easier for you to get to and from your appointments at Valley Health Care. This service is provided as part of our Care Coordination Program, and scheduling is set up through your assigned Care Coordinator.

How Does VHC Transportation Work?

The VHC Transportation Program is operated in conjunction with Country Roads Transit. Please note that your Care Coordinator must call to set up your ride in advance. Typically, a few days notice are required to ensure that a vehicle will be available to transport you for your appointment. We recommend that you schedule transportation as soon as you receive notification from your provider that an appointment has been scheduled. This makes scheduling easier, more efficient, and reliable for everyone.

Non Emergency Transportation for the Disabled

All of the transport vans can accommodate individuals with physical disabilities. Wheelchair lifts are standard on all units and can be used to assist our patients who ambulate by wheelchair, walker, cane, and other assistive devices for whom steps are impractical. Please be sure to remind your Care Coordinator and driver that you require lift service. Transportation is available for all non-emergency appointments scheduled at Valley Health Care’s Elkins and Mille Creek locations, as well as other facilities upon approval by your Case Coordinator.

Please note that transportation may only be scheduled by your Care Coordinator. Please keep the name and phone number of your assigned Care Coordinator available. If you have any questions or would like to request assistance, please contact your nearest Valley Health Care location:

Mill Creek: (304) 335-2050
Elkins: (304) 636-0133