Physicals in Elkins & Mill Creek, WV

Valley Health Center offers physicals in Elkins & Mill Creek, West Virginia

Valley Health Care in Mill Creek and Elkins offers many types of physicals at our facilities. Whether you require a physical for employment, school, camp, or participation on a sports team, we take the time to make sure that you are healthy enough to physically participate in the activity. Your doctor will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination according to the specified parameters, and complete the necessary forms to provide clearance for your employer, school, or organization.

Please be sure to bring the physical form with you, your insurance and medical cards, and co-payment. Walk-ins are welcome.

Schedule an Affordable WV DOT CDL Physical

If it is time to schedule your physical for your commercial drivers license (CDL) renewal, Valley Health Care will handle your WV DOT examination and paperwork efficiently and at a price you can afford. It is important for your safety (as well as others) to ensure that you are physically able to drive. Some of the areas that we typically examine include: your vision (20/40 or better with glasses or contacts) and color discernment ability, hearing, blood pressure (160/100 maximum with medication), diabetes control, blood sugar (maximum of 200), and a screen for habit-forming drugs.

School and Sports Physicals in Randolph County, WV

School students who wish to participate in most sports, competitions, and extra-curricular events are required to have a physician complete a physical. Valley Health Care offers quick, affordable physicals for children and teenagers throughout Randolph County, WV. Although specific physicals vary slightly, most include instructions for our doctor to examine general physical health, height, weight, range of motion, pulse rate, blood pressure, a hernia examination, urinalysis, and vision screening.

Regular Yearly Physicals: An Important Preventive Health Measure

A lot can change in a short amount of time when it comes to your health. We recommend regular yearly physicals for all of our patients as an important component of preventive health. If your child is due to receive scheduled vaccinations or immunizations, we can provide these during his or her physical appointment, in most cases.

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Valley Health Care sincerely cares about each of our patients. We want to make it as easy as possible to obtain the healthcare services that you need to live your best, healthiest life.