Physical Therapy

Local Provider in Mill Creek and Elkins, WV

Through our partnership with provider Dr. Kyle West of SEVENPerformance, Valley Health Care is able to provide physical therapy services to our patients. A variety of assessments and therapies are available to help each individual patient minimize deficits and reach the optimal functional level. Any asymmetries present are detected and a corrective exercise and/or physical therapy program is developed.


Improve Effective Muscle Activation

The Muscle Activation Jumpstart Technique (MAT Jumpstart) offers benefits for patients whose neuromuscular system is in dysfunction or inefficient. This series helps improve the communication between the brain/nervous system and the musculatory system of the body. The goal of MAT is to produce highly effective muscle activation with a decreased risk of injury. Many of our amateur and professional athletes, as well as active individuals, have benefited from applying this technique while participating in activities and competitions.

Endurance, Balance, Strength, and Core Stability Training

For patients interested in achieving a superior full body training and fitness workout, the TRX Rip and TRX Suspension Training Programs are highly recommended. Results can be optimized via analysis by your trainer. The total body can be targeted or specific focus can be directed at one or more areas including: balance, core stability, strength, and endurance.

Personal Training in Mill Creek and Elkins, WV

Personal training is available to assist patients in the Elkins and Mill Creek area who have specific goals in mind. This one-on-one multidisciplinary approach utilizes the five core components of the SEVENPerformance system: Stamina, Elevation, Velocity, Endurance, and Nutrition. Let Dr. West help you achieve your maximum potential!

Physical Therapy for Recovery From Illness and Injury

If you or a loved one are recovering from a serious illness or injury, or would like to take proactive steps to help prevent injury, consider SEVENPerformance’s Trigger Point Performance Therapy. This unique methodology uses proven myofascial compression techniques to achieve efficient results. Dr. West’s team will work with you to help improve your athletic performance or daily functionality, flexibility, and strength.

An exciting range of fitness camps and classes for youth and adults are offered throughout the year to help keep residents active and healthy. Check the SEVENPerformance website regularly for details and registration requirements.