Insurance Plans

Insurance Plans Accepted at Valley Health Care
in Mill Creek & Elkins, WV

Valley Health Care accepts most major and private insurance coverage. For our patients who have no insurance, we offer our Sliding Fee Discount Program. Please contact our office to learn more, or if you have any questions. Remember to bring your insurance and medical cards, a list of current medications (or bottles), and your valid WV photo ID or drivers license for each visit.

Our Providers Accept WV Medicaid, Medicare, and Workers’ Comp

Medicaid: Our health care providers gladly accept West Virginia state-issued Medicaid. Your medical card is accepted as payment in full for covered services at Valley Health Care and our affiliates. Please remember that you are responsible for paying for any services provided that are not covered by Medicaid. Consult with the West Virginia Bureau of Medical Services if you have any questions about your Medicaid coverage.

Medicare: Valley Health Care accepts Medicare assignment. We will bill Medicare directly on your behalf for all covered services and will accept the Medicare-approved amount. Please note that you are responsible for your co-pay for all services that are classified as non-preventative. You are responsible to pay for any services provided that are not covered by your Medicare insurance. Valley Health Care is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Therefore, there is no annual deductible.

Workers’ Compensation: We accept workers’ compensation as payment for covered injuries. Valley Health Care will bill your plan directly for services provided. We abide by all regulations set forth by law.

Insurance Coverage and Managed Care Plans: Valley Health Care accepts a wide variety of insurance and managed care plans, and will bill your insurance provider directly for the covered services that we provide. Please bring your insurance cards to every visit. Please note that your co-pay for each visit is payable at the time that the service is provided. You are responsible to pay for any services provided that are not covered as part of your insurance coverage. We contract with many plans and continue to negotiate with additional insurance providers. If you would like to request a list of the current plans in which we participate, please ask our receptionist for a list or contact us by phone at: Mill Creek: (304) 335-2050 or Elkins: (304) 636-0133.