Home Visits

In Home Care From Licensed Medical Providers
in Mill Creek and Elkins, WV

The Home Visit Program is administered through the Care Coordination Service of Valley Health Care. This program is available to patients in Elkins, Mill Creek, and surrounding areas, who are unable to come in to our facilities for medical treatment, follow up exams, etc. A licensed provider will visit the patient at home to provide the quality in-home care necessary to help ensure the best possible ongoing health care.

Who Is Eligible for Home Visits?

VHC’s Home Visit Program is available for all patients with chronic medical conditions who are unable to get to our medical facilities. There are no age limitations for eligibility. This program is a part of our commitment to provide comprehensive care coordination to meet the medical, social, and behavioral health needs of community members in the least restrictive manner.

How Do I Apply for VHC’s Home Visit Program?

Your Care Coordinator will work with you to develop a care plan and may recommend home visits as part of your ongoing health care and treatment program. Please note that patients may not schedule this service on their own. If you believe that you or a loved one may benefit from our Home Visit Program, reach out to your VHC Care Coordinator for more information and support to have an application and request for services submitted on your behalf.

Home Visits Enhance Health and Safety in Remote Areas

Our Home Visit Program providers are able to meet with you at your private residence, a medical office, behavioral health facility, senior center, nursing home, community center, community service office, local health department, or other acceptable facility as determined on an individual basis. Various geographic distance limitations apply; however, exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis applicable to certain remote areas and for certain medical conditions. Your Care Coordinator can assist you with answers to your questions and is your health care liaison for a variety of supplemental services that have been specifically developed to enhance your health and safety.