Hearing Screenings

Hearing Screenings for All Ages From Infants to Adults

Protecting the Hearing of Randolph County, WV Residents for Over 25 Years

Hearing screenings at Valley Health Care in Randolph County, WV

Valley Health Care, with locations in Mill Creek and Elkins, provides professional hearing screenings for all ages. As your comprehensive local health care services provider, we strive to ensure that our patients do not neglect any aspect of achieving optimal health. Hearing loss is one of the most easily missed issues for many people. It can be present from birth, or develop very gradually over time in adults so that it is virtually unnoticeable until significant damage has occurred.

We have been helping to protect the hearing of residents throughout Randolph County, WV for over 25 years. Let us help safeguard one of your most valuable senses today.

The Importance of Hearing Screenings at Birth

Most hospitals screen infants’ hearing soon after they are born. If your baby was not screened after birth or is showing signs of hearing difficulties, please contact us right away. Without screening, most children are not properly diagnosed until after their first birthday. Ineffective hearing or the complete inability to hear has a profoundly negative affect on language development, socialization, and learning ability. The screening procedure for infants is simple, painless, fast, and non-invasive. Older children are screened with a similarly non-invasive procedure known as the pure-tone test. Some of the signs of hearing loss in infants and children include: no reaction to loud sounds or your voice, and making simple sounds that taper off discretely.

The Pure Tone Hearing Test for Older Children & Adults

Older children and adults are screened for hearing loss with the pure-tone air conduction hearing test. The patient is asked to wear headphones. The technician presents a series of tones at various frequencies from low to high to determine the hearing range of the patient, who is requested to indicate when the tone is heard, and in which ear. If hearing loss is detected, you will be treated for the obstruction involved, or referred to a hearing specialist for follow-up care, if necessary.

Signs of Hearing Loss in Adults

If you notice any of the following signs of adult hearing loss on a regular basis, we recommend scheduling an appointment at one of our facilities as soon as possible:

  • People Seem to Mumble
  • You Ask People to Repeat What They Said
  • “Ringing” in the Ear
  • Difficulty Hearing Conversations in Crowds
  • Those Around You Mention That You Play Your Music/TV Too Loud
  • Difficulty Understanding the Speaker Unless Facing Him
  • People Mention That You Speak Loudly

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