Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetic Eye Care in Mill Creek, WV

Valley Health Care Eye Care provides comprehensive diabetic eye care at our facility in Mill Creek, WV. Our goal is to assist our patients with Diabetes by providing regular screenings to detect any changes in eye health or vision, and provide appropriate treatments to preserve the clearest possible vision for life. All diabetic patients should receive regular comprehensive eye screenings.

Annual Diabetic Eye Screening at Valley Health Care

If you are diabetic, it is important that you visit Valley Health Care for your annual diabetic eye screening. The screening involves the application of eye drops to dilate the pupils so that the retina can be examined properly for any signs of abnormality. As a patient with diabetes, you are at risk of developing several diabetes-related problems, some of which are likely to affect your eye health. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the most dangerous complications of diabetes. This condition may lead to blindness. Although there may initially be no symptoms, when present they may include:

  • Fluctuating or Blurred Vision
  • Poor Color Vision
  • Loss of Vision
  • Dark or Absent Areas in Your Vision

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatments Slow Vision Loss

Effective treatments are available for diabetic retinopathy. Some patients are able to improve their vision, and their overall health, with dietary changes and medications to help control blood sugar levels and blood pressure. For others, steroids and anti-VEGF medications may be injected into the eye to slow vision loss, reduce macular swelling and growth of abnormal blood vessels, and possibly improve vision over time. We also maintain a wide variety of single vision and bifocal lenses, as well as contact lenses, to help improve your vision. Styles and sizes are available for children and adults.

Valley Health Care Eye Care accepts private insurance, cash, checks, Medicare, Medicaid, and major credit cards.

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